Change You Can See!

Equity in Education: The Change Agents

It’s a goal of Arlington Public Schools (APS) to prepare our students for life after high school. But I think we can do more in terms of bridging the opportunity gap for all students. I will advocate for professional skills training for teachers that will better equip them for 21st-century challenges, streamlined access for all students, and a safer learning environment across the county. Additionally, we have opportunities for student workforce development, and we have greater potential for our students to train and excel with the help of new companies coming to Arlington.

Planning: Forecasting Change

Proactive planning and projections need to take place in order to address the capacity issues facing our schools, teachers and students. We need to be prepared for the growth that is being projected instead of reacting after the fact. We have the talent and the technology to solve this problem. But in order to do this, we need to have new perspectives at the table.

Communication: Inclusive Change

We need to be open and honest with the community and those most impacted by the changes coming throughout APS. As your publicly elected official, I will be open and transparent. I will be out in your community on listening tours, and I will make sure your voice is heard in all APS meetings.

Why am I running?

David Priddy. Photo by Priddy.

I am running for three reasons:

1) My perspective is relevant — and not represented. Both of my sons are currently in APS. I would be the only member on the board with children in both Elementary and Middle School. I have on-the-ground information on the challenges that are impacting students, teachers and schools and have real-time experiences on how the policies are affecting the community.

2) My business acumen can help APS plan for growth in ways that have not happened in recent years. I have over 12 years of experience working in industry that has strengthened my ability to adhere to and set budgets, understand construction, work with labor organizations, and understand the business side of APS. I can strengthen existing relationships between APS and the business community, and forge new partnerships that will prepare our students and schools for the future.

3) I am passionate about ensuring that my children and all Arlington children have the same positive, enriching, and diverse set of experiences through the APS school system that I did. Arlington needs a representative who will listen to the community and bring fresh solutions to continue to provide the best academic environment for all our children.

Hours VOTE! David Priddy for School Board.
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